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BMW X5 3.0D Adblue/SCR programavimas

BMW X5 3.0D 2014 metų 190kw. Adblue/SCR sistemos programavimas. Atliekant diagnostiką rastos klaidos: 26FD00 Reducing agent dosing system above adaptation limit 29FB00 SCR catalytic converter faulty 29FC00 SCR catalytic converter faulty 2B6200 NOx sensor upstream of catalytic converter plausibility
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BMW X5 2.0D EGR, DPF, AdBlue (SCR), Swirl programavimas

BMW X5 2.0D 2014 metų 160kw. Išprogramuotas EGR vožtuvas, DPF filtras, Adblue (SCR) sistema, Swirl sklendės. Atliekant diagnostiką rastos klaidos: 244800 Information of diesel particulate filter, limited remaining distance available 2C3200 Swirl flaps: kinematic worn or lever broke 2B6300 Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalytic converter downstream NOx sensor signal sensitivity implausible 26EF00 Selective catalytic reduction…
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